Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why this kid is my hero

Reason number 3,496 why this kid is my hero:  She takes a nasty spill in her new walker...

(Click here if you're not squeamish)

...and she gets back on the horse.

I challenge you to find someone who can project this kind of swagger with a hot pink bandage plastered across their nose:
You should see the other guy!

If cuts, bruises, and scars make you look tough, a pink Band-Aid must make you downright Herculean.  Only Josie would be astute enough to use her injuries to magnify the impact of "the face."

She's one cool chick.


  1. Ooo baby girl! You are one tough cookie!


  2. Cowgirl up Jojo!!!You rock sweet face <3

  3. Go Josie! You should show her pictures of Nelly - the band-aid-on-the-face fashion is clearly making a comeback!

  4. how in the world do you get her to keep it on?!

  5. Such a beauty- battle scars and all:)