Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pretty in Pink Photo Shoot

After yesterday's rather solemn blog post, I decided we needed to do something fun and uplifting today.  There's one surefire way to get some entertainment around here and that's staging a good, old fashioned photo shoot.  It's a well established tradition around here where Mom pursues the ever elusive goal of her children cooperating to achieve the perfect Kodak Moment. (For those that aren't aware of the implications of my tireless pictoral pursuits, click HERE, HERE or HERE).
Asking the girls to smile always results in blank stares so I asked them to make a "happy face" instead, and this was the response:
 What is that?!
The girls demonstrated attention spans equivalent to fruit flies this morning, so I snapped my fingers to attempt to attract their gazes in my direction and I got a couple of imitators:
 How does she make that cool sound with her fingers?
You know what happens when you tell Josie that she's smart?  She immediately points to her brain and makes a "click click" sound with her tongue.  Merryn enthusiastically concurs.
 Then it's Merryn's turn to show off her impressive brain and Josie seconds that motion.  Mama Hop taught them this little trick.
 But it wasn't all cute toddler stunts.  There was plenty of this:
 ...and this:
 But it was all worth it to capture this:
And that was exactly what I needed this morning.  Nice work, Ladies.
* In case you were wondering, that nasty bruise on Merryn's forehead was the result of her slamming her head against the stairs in a particularly dramatic temper tantrum.  There's no shortage of drama around here.  Girlfriend deserves an Academy Award for her performances.  Combine her temper with her daily daredevil stunts, and she's perpetually bruised.  If I waited to take photos until she is entirely healed, I'd probably miss her childhood.  #HurricaneMerryn


  1. I loved your blog post on A Perfect Lily. I cried, and rejoiced all at the same time! I am a somewhat new blogger and a now very avid follower of your blog! You are funny, and your sister is funny and your kids are cute and your posts always make me smile!! This one is no different!

  2. Looks they are doing "If You're Happy and You Know It" in the first one.

  3. They are so stinkin' cute together!

  4. Adorable.

    I'm pretty sure Sean has a cut or bruise somewhere very visible on his head or face every single day. I'd miss his childhood if I waited too.

  5. Perfect :) as a mom of two girls (3 and 1)..I appreciate you trying! And I love a good set of matching pink clothes!

  6. Oh my goodness, that last picture is just too precious! And, I swear, Briar & Merryn are the boy/girl equivalent of eachother!