Sunday, August 25, 2013

Josie's Summer Paradise

Since Mom and Dad have been spending every evening over at the condo getting things ready for Mama Hop & Aunt Leanne's visit next month, we haven't had as much family time as usual.  So we decided do something fun together on Saturday morning.  The obvious choice was our local splash park. 
The girls absolutely love the splash park - especially Josie.
 It should come as no surprise since we already discovered the water-induced euphoria that is our water activity table.  The splash park takes that to a whole new level!
 There is nowhere else to witness Josie participate in this much gross motor activity with a gleeful expression plastered across her face. 
 Of course we would expect Merryn to prosper in an environment like this.  
 Eyes shut
Mouth open
 This environment beckons every kid to be a fearless little force of nature - even Josie.  Just look at her wandering around like she owns the place!  All signs of her gross motor allergy were washed away and her signature "No, please, no!" was not uttered once...
  ...Well, maybe once...when she decided to plop face-down where the water accumulates near the drain to indulge in her obsession with blowing bubbles...
...until Dad came along and ruined all the fun.  Sorry, JoJo.  Let's just hope that run off from everyone's grubby feet is adequately chlorinated.  Ick!
 Suffice to say, even that couldn't burst her splash park bubble. 
Here's to hoping Josie likes winter sports this much!  I happen to know a medal-winning Special Olympian who can teach her how to snowshoe.


  1. I think merryn and Charlie would be a great pair at the splash park. he looks just like that going through the water. he just LOVES it.

  2. UM EXCUSE ME! is that josie w-a-l-k-i-n-g around the place like a pro?!
    sheesh! super girl. love her!