Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Toddlers, Two Households

When we completed our home study for Josie's adoption, the caseworker interviewed us and asked all sorts of questions and one question I will never forget is "What annoys you most about your spouse?"  Travis, being the smart man that he is, declined to answer.  He told her that his wife doesn't annoy him.  Ha!  The caseworker refused to accept that answer and insisted he come up with something.  Well, he finally conceded that I take on too many projects and I drive myself and everyone around me crazy with all of the things I attempt to juggle at one time.  I giggle to myself as I recall this story because you know what the perfect vocation for someone like me is: motherhood! 
Can I get an Amen?!
The aforementioned anecdote is explained in an attempt to segue into a whole host of excuses for why this blog is not updated as regularly as it should be.  For example, Travis was in Mexico  on a business trip last week so Mom was single-parenting around the clock.
Having a couple of extra months in our new residence helped make this business trip a little easier than the last one but we were still rejoicing upon Dad's return.
And as always, he brought us gift.  Mom received some much needed wine and Josie and Merryn got a couple of singing animals.  Wait - let me correct that - the animals do not sing.  They do have a button but when it's pressed, they recite facts about themselves.  Did you know that a zebra can run 40mph?  Josie didn't either.  And she didn't really care.  She'd much rather that zebra gyrate uncontrollably to the tune of a 70's pop song.  So much for Dad's efforts to try to boost the intellectual stimulation around here. 
 We've fielded many requests for photos of the new house but it's still a work in progress.  If anyone has ever tried to drag two toddlers in a double stroller through a Pier 1 or any other retail destination full of pretty little breakables, you would understand why this isn't happening as quickly as I would like.  We'll get there...
So let's see...we talked about single parenting, settling into a new house and new community, two toddlers, one of whom has up to 7 extracurricular activities (therapy, medical appointments, swimming lessons, gymnastics, etc) per week...and then Josie goes and gets this weird, here today/gone tomorrow/back again diarrhea which has complicated the potty training and increased the laundry stockpile exponentially.  It's a good thing I have a little helper who LOVES laundry (seriously). 
Oh and because the demands of one household could not possibly keep a Type A personality like myself completely satisfied, we went and took on another one.  In case you missed that announcement, you can catch up HERE.  So now the fun begins as we set out to HGTV the place.  I'm still waiting for the gorgeous twin brothers to show up at the door and take the paint rollers from our hands and send us off to a luxury hotel while they finish the job in an hour (with just a couple of commercial breaks).  So far, it  hasn't happened. 
So in case dust and spider webs start to accumulate here at CCE, know that we're just a little preoccupied but we will be back!  There is no way we're giving up this blog.  We love it too much.  It may temporarily morph into a DIY before/after home decorating blog.  If that sounds fun, let me know and we'll add another tab at the top for know, with all of our spare time ;-)
P.S.  Sorry about the low grade photos.  The DSLR hasn't seen much action lately.


  1. Write when you can, about whatever - it's all interesting, and your girls are so cute (love your little laundry helper - please send her my way!). Sounds like life is not going to settle down for a while for you guys!

  2. I enjoy all of our posts and would enjoy posts about DIY and home decorating, etc. Oh, I too wait for those gorgeous twin brothers to show up.
    Also, I learned a little something about zebras.

  3. It's amazing how you do so much all the time. Love your blog and hope things calm down soon. (I'm absolutely in love with Merryn! The looks she gives, that sneaky smile... love that girl!!) :)

  4. Have you done the Rustoleum kit yet? I just discovered those, and we are considering the countertop one and the cabinet one for our kitchen. I am told it's time consuming but worth it. Your opinion??? Lol

    1. Yes. It did not work for us. It bubbled up and had these weird gray patches in it. We're not sure what went wrong (Travis thinks maybe he sanded too much?) but we contacted the manufacturer about a refund. It's supposedly a "satisfaction guaranteed" thing. There was one section of the counter top that looked really good so if the whole thing would have turned out that way, we would have been happy with the product. Hope this helps!

  5. I kind of know what you mean... the small difference: I only have one toddler and one household but one FULL TIME job... sometimes is too much, specially when scheduling additonal therapies and extracurricular activities for my son... I wish I had an assistant!!