Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ready for Rio...kind of

This summer, in an attempt to help Josie overcome her aversion to gross motor activities, we enrolled her in gymnastics.  You can read about that HERE.  The update goes as follows:
When we arrive at gymnastics - like when we pull into the parking lot - the opposition starts.  The degree of resistance varies from whimpering, whining, Josie's classic expression "No, please, no!" uttered repeatedly, and maybe a little tear shed.

As a parent, of course this is difficult to witness.  But I cope by filing it under "the unpleasant things we make our kids do because it's good for them in the long term," like getting vaccinations or eating vegetables.  There's also great solace in the fact that Josie is in the impressively competent hands of the unflappable "Coach Nate".
Coach Nate displays a remarkable ability to navigate Josie's emotional distress with a beautiful balance of firmness and sensitivity.  He believes in Josie.  He calls her "Super Josie".  He swoops her up and whisks her off, and you can almost feel the breeze from her imaginary cape as she soars off into the gym...
During her gymnastics session, Josie has the opportunity to perform amazing feats that she would never attempt at home - like climbing a rock wall...
...or rolling around in a tunnel.  Do I spy a smile?

 Coach Nate doesn't demand perfection.  The operative word is "try".
 And the endeavors that Josie completes during gymnastics, as insignificant as they may seem to the parent of a typical 3 year-old, bring tears to my eyes.  Seriously - this kid does not climb on furniture.  She has NEVER climbed on the sofa.  And yet she scaled this ladder, and with minimal assistance, got herself up on the trampoline.
 Every week, Josie's 2 year-old sister, Merryn, does this repeatedly and effortlessly during her gymnastics session.  But for Josie, this is not effortless - it's monumental!  And every week Merryn gleefully runs/hops/bounces down that trampoline and catapults herself into the foam pit and digs herself out only to do it again and, Josie did it, too.  It took her longer, she was more hesitant, and she required assistance, but she did it!
 The ultimate reward for a whole lot of "try" is a super cool stamp that Coach Nate has learned to place anywhere but on Josie's hand, because it will immediately get Purelled away as soon as Mom greets her at the end of her session.
Freshly inked and feeling invincible, Super Josie gets on her Harley and rides off into the sunset...
Just in case you were wondering about Josie's unconventional gymnastics attire, here is the rundown...
We've developed a routine of doing post-gymnastics interviews just to reinforce the fact that Josie survived and is better for having overcome her aversion to her Thursday morning torture...

...And now she's ready for Rio...kind of.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Does Josie get to take her gymnastics class privately? (Just cause there aren't any other little kids in the pictures!) I really like the colorful climbing wall!

  2. My little one hates anything smacking of gross motor skills too. She is slowly learning that it's fun to climb up the stairs (which has prompted more grey hairs for me) and crawling after her sisters. Throw anything fine motor her way and she's happier than a clam, ask her to move? Forget it. Keep up the good work Josie, you're an inspiration to this mom.

  3. her speaking ability just blows me away. just amazing.

  4. Keep up the good work, Josie!!!

  5. yay josie! what a champ! & coach nate seems so perfect for her!
    & man, her speech is incredible. my favourite is 'no, please, no!' haha. sweet girl.
    her gym outfit is the best, by the way. don't know many girls who can look that stylish workin' up a sweat ;)

  6. Yay for Josie!!! I know it is super frustrating for you (her lack of gross motor motivation), but I do wish Hailey would stop climbing on furniture :-)

  7. Go Josie! So awesome to see her scale that ladder.

  8. Excellent job at gymnastics! But her speech?? That's incredible! The way she said gymnastics?!? I don't think Beth says it that clear and she's 28! I'm very impressed.

  9. As a fellow gymnastics coach I say WAY TO GO!!!

  10. Go Josie Go! Her speech is amazing!