Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The 2013 Christmas Card Reveal

* This post has been brought to you by pregnancy insomnia.  At least some good can come from being wide awake at 3am!

With each cross-country move Travis' job mandates, our network of friends and neighbors grows - as does our Christmas card list.  When you have all those people watching their mailboxes to see how these two cute kiddos have grown over the past year, there's a certain degree of pressure to come up with a creative card idea.  (I realize the only people actually shivering in the December cold next to their mailbox anxiously waiting to see this card are the grandparents, but for the sake of hyperbole let's pretend it's hundreds of our closest friends and family.)  It's even more creative pressure when you've got a pregnancy announcement to make as well.  Ah but it's a fun pressure!  It truly is.  Mama Hop goes out and finds matching frilly dresses (Christmas Card 2012 click HERE), we set up the big photo shoot (Christmas Card 2011 click HERE)  and we pray for the best (although sometimes unanswered prayers turn out funnier - click HERE).  

Ladies and Gentleman, it's time for the 2013 Christmas card reveal:

I said this Christmas card project is fun but I never said it is easy!
What is up with this frilly scratchy potato sack she wants me to wear?!

 Mother, the ivory in my dress clearly does not match the ivory in my tights.  You absolutely mustn't embarrass me by mailing a photo of me in this dreadful ensemble!

 Shoes on the sofa?!  Why that's strictly forbidden!  Mom, this pregnancy has depleted you of your proper judgement!

And even though the previous post convinced me that attempting to photograph the girls together was a bad idea, we're still working with toddlers here.  Separate isn't much easier:
 When it came time for the "bun in the oven" portion of our photo shoot, I knew I needed reinforcement so I called in my two experienced photography assistants.  Remember how successful the Flamenco Photo Shoot was with their help(click HERE)?  They really deserve a raise.

First we had to undo the severe brainwashing Merryn had received about absolutely never going near the oven because "it's hot!".  It took a lot of convincing to get her to stand within 5 feet of our oven.  Then, we had to somehow convince Josie that it was in her best interest to want to participate in this photo shoot at all.
  As usual, Josie had better things to do...
 ...we're talking pressing issues that our little flight risk had to tend to, and they didn't  involve starring in a family holiday card!  Time to bring out the big guns: Aunt Leanne!
Chase, block, drag, re-position, repeat...
 Even "Thelma" needed a little redirection (I know what you're thinking, 'No!  Not Thelma!')
 There are only so many shots you can take of toddlers before you encounter the Law of Diminishing Returns.  When the toddler you had to beg to approach the oven bends over and sticks her head in said oven, it's time to call it a day.
And that, my friends, is what goes into our annual Christmas card photo shoot.  We hope you enjoy the results.  

Now we're eagerly preparing to host Travis' family for the holidays so if you don't hear from us again beforehand, Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays) to one and all!


  1. Love your Chiristmas card, especially the "bun in the oven." So clever! :-) I am most impressed, however, with how clean your oven is. :-)

    May our dear Lord bless you all this Christmas and always! Michele F.

  2. So So Sweet! Love you card and hope you got a nap after the photo shoot! Merry Christmas to your beautiful growing family.

  3. SO cute! But, wow that makes me tired just imagining the work that went into it. LOL Hope your Christmas was fabulous!