Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to earn the title of World's Best Aunt

 Adjusting to being a mother of three has been an wonderful experience and one for which I am abundantly grateful.  However, I'd be lying if I said it was easy.  Amidst the C section recovery, the sleep deprivation, and the never-ending housework, addressing the needs of three little ones has been overwhelming.  Words cannot begin to express my appreciation for the help of my mom and sister. 
We call Leanne the "World's Best Aunt" and it's easy to see that she was born for this job!
 While Josie is making great strides in the gross motor category, it is still her biggest area of delay and she needs a lot more physical assistance than most kids her age.  Because I'm not supposed to be lifting more than 10 lbs, Aunt Leanne has been kind enough to hang out here with us during the day to be available when Josie needs help.  But she does so much more than the "heavy lifting". 
Aunt Leanne helps Josie get dressed and use the bathroom.  She encourages Josie to finish her meals.  Aunt Leanne has even devised her own method with the flash cards to help Josie learn her sight words and Josie loves every minute of it!
Leanne is Josie's biggest cheerleader during her therapy sessions.  She observes the techniques used by the therapists and she practices them with Josie later because she knows repetition is the key to skill mastery.
And while Leanne is a fun aunt who loves to sing, dance, and shower Josie in love and affection, she can also be quite the drill sergeant.  Josie's physical therapist would be so proud of Leanne for refusing to carry Josie down the steps.  Instead, she assists her by holding her hands and encouraging her to walk.  She even retrieved the stool and had Josie get into the car independently!  That's an impressive display of skills and abilities, Ladies!
 So how do we express our gratitude to the World's Best Aunt for all that she does to help?  Well, we indulge her gourmet palette with delicacies that are so delightful that that her niece has been nicknamed after them: fish sticks (Catfish with Ketchup).

We also treat her to her favorite beverage at Starbucks: a double chocolaty chip Frappucino:

After exiting the drive thru, we heard a little voice from the back seat yelling "iced coffee...Frappucino...iced Frappucino!"  Teach 'em young, right Leanne?

And we can't forget to ensure Leanne has a fully-stocked supply of her favorite breath freshening products because oral hygiene is of utmost important to Leanne.  And the reason that we can't forget is because she leaves reminder notes:

After all she does for us, the World's Best Brother (in-law - even though this distinction is insignificant to Leanne) wouldn't let her down.
It's the little things in life that bring the biggest smile to Leanne's face!
Leanne, thank you for all of your help this month.  You truly are the World's Best Aunt!


  1. Man, I am impressed by her PT skills! Can I come learn from Leanne?

  2. You have the best family :)

  3. How wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. She has really worked hard! (Beth also calls her BIL her 'brother'!) :)

  5. Leanne is an awesome Aunt!! Every kid should be lucky enough to have a Leanne in their family.

  6. I love Leanne! She is awesome :)

  7. Love, glad you are getting some backup. It is hard work being a mommy!

  8. Just found your blog and wanted to say that Aunt Leanne and I share the same favorite Starbucks beverage...mmmm chocolatey goodness! :)

  9. I just love her. You are so lucky to have the worlds best sister!