Monday, July 16, 2012

Playground Predicament

This July heat has been unbearable but I hate to keep the girls' holed up indoors so we decided to rush through breakfast and head out as early as possible.
Covered with hats and smothered with sunscreen, we set out for the park.  We hoped to do a little early morning swinging but unfortunately, this is what we found:
Some little punk had thrown the swing up over the bar several times to where it was at eye-level.  Who does that?!  I'm going to go ahead and generalize here but I had a sneaking suspicion that only a member of the male persuasion would find amusement in such an endeavor.  Hoping that his Y chromosome would offer him some sort of top secret insight on how to rectify the situation (or maybe even some first-hand experience from his own little punk days), I emailed my beloved husband (because he has nothing better to do at work than to give me playground problem guidance):

Me: How does one go about getting this down?
Travis: You'd have to throw it over the top multiple times. I love you.
Me: I tried. It wasn't pretty. You would have been embarrassed :-/

Yeah, Josie isn't the only member of this household who is lacking in the gross motor department.  So we gave up and headed home.  And you know what?  We had the BEST time taking turns on our own backyard swing!

Did you hear that, little Punk?!  Your antics can't sabotage our morning.  We took those lemons and we made lemonade and it was refreshing and delicious!
...As illustrated by Josie's "happy face"!

And just as Josie inherited my gross motor prowess, she also inherited Aunt Leanne's sense of humility.  Remember this?

Cute?  Sure!  But with such a big head, I'm surprised that hat fits!

Happy Monday!


  1. Throwing those swings back over is *much* harder than you would think it's going to be!! I've tried and given up, too, and yes, I think your assessment about the gender of the offender is likely correct. LOL Wow, can't believe how quickly your little girls are growing up!!

  2. Oh I have encounter many swings over the bar..and I just give up....and Yes Josie you are cute and that hat looks lovely on you....I have a question.. What kinds of camera/camcorder you use?

  3. So excited that you asked...Travis insisted I upgrade to a DSLR seeing as how I take SO many pictures of the girls daily. I was a little reluctant to make the investment but I'm so glad we did. I use a Canon Rebel T3 and usually a 50mm lens :-)

  4. Oh Josie you certainly are CUTE! Love it! Sorry about the swings!