Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Josie's new walker

Operation "Walk by Thanksgiving" is in full swing around here and it's all hands on deck.  Josie's fantastic physical therapist, Bea, is always full of creative ideas.  The most recent trick she had up her sleeve was this adorable little walker.  It's much smaller and lighter than Josie's gait trainer and it doesn't have a seat so Josie cannot just sit and relax like she's prone to doing.  Josie gave it a once-over with Bea and decided she'd be willing to try this novel contraption.
 Josie's very own walker arrived via UPS this weekend and Josie was so excited to open her new "present".
 After a quick glance at the instructions, Josie was ready to assemble that bad boy.
 She tweaked a few of the settings...
 ...and then cleaned up her mess, per mom's directive.
 At that point, Dad stepped in to make a few more adjustments.
 Josie helped.
Tennis balls were added for a really sporty feel (that is if the "I-just-broke-out-of-the-nursing-home" look is considered "sporty") and she was off!  Unfortunately, steering posed a greater challenge than we had anticipated.
 We're going to have to work on that when Josie's feeling cooperative.  Unfortunately, when it comes to walking, we've got a lot of attitude to contend with.
But no worries - I have a secret weapon and I'm not afraid to use it:
Check out our little speed demon in action:


  1. woohoo, Josie ! I love that girl ! I'm amazed at her four point crawl- Lily cannot crawl to this day :)

  2. I've recently found your blog, and I'm totally enamored of Josie, Leanne, and Merryn! Love the stubborn little attitude on Josie. :-) My Samuel is 7 months old (and has DS), and I'm so curious to see what his personality is like as he grows up. His big brother (age 4--he doesn't have DS) is VERY stubborn, so I may be in for it!! Love reading about Josie's love story with Kody--what fun!

  3. Woo Hoo - the Little Old Lady from Pasadena, Go Josie, Go Josie, Go Josie - GO!

    Why don't you film Merryn walking, getting lots of cheers and hurrays - while Josie is watching?
    Maybe J. would get that "sister's not going to show ME up" look on her face!(?)

    Another suggestion, blow up a life size picture of Cody to stand at the end of the 'walk?'

    Anyway, nice walker and way to go, Josie!

  4. Way to go Josie. Maybe Kody needs to do house calls? LOL She will be up and running in no time.

  5. Woohoo Josie!!! Our little girl (who has CP) had a lot of trouble steering her walker when she first got it too -- it was a bit of an unanticipated hardship to get her going in a straight line, but practice makes perfect!! Go Josie go!!

  6. Whenever my 21 month old daughter (no Ds) hears your voice she comes running to watch Josie. We both love all the videos you post.