Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 (and a nice stumble down Memory Lane)

We celebrated Thanksgiving 2016 with Travis' parents, YaYa and Papa.  It was a terrific time filled with food at fun.  As usual, my attempt at a grandparent photo was relatively unsuccessful...
 ...but do you know what was irrefutably successful?  Our Christmas gift exchange!  YaYa has a finger on the pulse of what kids want.  Check this out:
 Squint a couple of times, rub your glasses on your tee shirt, and look again; that's right - it's a Hatchimal!!!!  I will admit that I live under a rock and I had NO CLUE what a Hatchimal is.  But YaYa is on top of it and she scored THE toy of the holiday season!  You would not believe how that egg was passed around and cuddled and caressed like I laid it myself.  Merryn was sprinting to the bathroom and back with lightning speed because she didn't want to miss the moment when it actually hatched.  

Speaking of coveted gifts, Josie's favorite gift from YaYa and Papa may not be a pop culture craze but her enthusiasm rivals the Hatchimal mania that has swept the nation...a cute stuffed bear that sings "Que Sera Sera".  We heard that little song about 59,678 times back-to-back without so much as a second lapsing between plays, thanks to Josie's enthusiastic button pushing.  Within minutes, she knew all of the lyrics and sang along with the biggest smile on her face.  
 And of course there was the mega hit personalized stationary set complete with weekly planners and checklists that figuratively and literally had Merryn's name on it, along with Merryn's beloved emojis.  For real, Folks.  The holiday gifts were epic!
And, let's not forget sweet Biddy, who is modeling the classic Christmas flannel nightgown; one of the many precious additions to the girls' wardrobes from YaYa and Papa.  This flannel nightgown may be making a special appearance in the near future so stay tuned for the infamous holiday card edition of CCE.

Click on the links below for a drunken stumble nice stroll down memory lane:
2013 (my personal favorite)
2014 (no, wait - maybe this one is my favorite.  The year that zapped me of so many brain cells that I forgot how to count.  I'm still terrified to go back to the mall and face Santa again.  That was the year I earned permanent "naughty list" status.)

Wow!  We've been at this blogging thing for a LONG time!  It's kind of fun to relive the crazy circus that is our lives.  

But back to the subject at hand, we are thankful that we were able to spend our holiday with YaYa and Papa.  Family is a blessing.  We hope all of our wonderful readers had a joyous Thanksgiving, as well.  We are thankful for you!

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